Ok so, another week, another awesome bluegrass song to share with you all! A good friend emailed me last week after sharing “Rye Whiskey,” and asked about the “newgrass” vs. “bluegass” debate. Well, in my mind, it’s no debate at all. I love both. I enjoy listening to Trampled by Turtles, Punch Bros, even Sam Bush’s band, which uses…..*gasp*…a drumset…..nooooo!! But, I also LOVE turning on NPR’s Saturday night old-time bluegrass, and just youtube-ing Bill Monroe, Rice, Skaggs, etc etc.

So with that in mind, I’m gonna throw this classic to ya. I THINK, THINK, that this was originally written and performed by guitarist, Tenneessee bluegrasser Jimmy Martin (who never made it into the Grand Ole Opry because of his strange stage habits [he drank alot]). So….though I do enjoy Jimmy’s “Freeborn man,” that can be heard here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETVlu5yqFHk. I’m going to take this opportunity to introduce you all to my favorite bluegrass guitarist….possibly the best ever….one Tony Rice. I dare you to transcribe his solos on this. Some other well-known names on this recording: Sam Bush (mando), Jerry Douglas (dobro), Bela Fleck (Clarinet, duh), Mark O’ Connor (freaking amazing fiddle player).

Oh, one more nice thing about traditional bluegrass? This song has 3 chords. I-IV-I-V-I…..how’s that for a chord progression? If you’re on a geetar, toss a capo on fret 2 and play G, C, and D…..for anything else (I’m currently chuckin away on mando for this one) A, D and E. I woulda liked to give you a transcribed solo in here, but I’ve been sick and honestly, I value my sanity.

Well, I was born in the Southland
Twenty-some odd years ago
I ran away for the first time
When I was four years old

I’m a free born man
My home is on my back
I know every inch of highway
And every foot of back road
Every mile of railroad track

I got a gal in Cincinnati
Got a woman in San Antone
I always loved the girl next door
But anyplace is home

I got me a worn-out guitar
I carry an old tote sack
I hocked it about two hundred times
But I always get it back

You may not like my appearance
May not like my song
May not tike the way I talk
But you like the way I’m gone

enjoy! Please feel free to leave comments and share songs/feedback/horrorscope/anything!